Lord, today I’m a 5.

My 1-10 scale hit a solid 5.

Neutral. In-between. Not bad, not great.

Just okay.

I’m tired, but I got dressed.

I frequently lost focus, but I wrote.

I received disappointing news, but I didn’t despair.

I yelled in frustration, but I didn’t lock myself away and cry.

I’m okay with 5 because I remember 1.

I’m okay with 5, still striving for 10.

I’m okay with 5 because that’s where You will meet me.

You’re okay with me being a 5 today.

My hope remains in You. Peace drenches my pores.

Despite the wind and waves surrounding me, You’re already in the storm. So I will not fear.

Faith bolsters my courage ~ quickens my heart ~ lightens my burdens.

You are the One that holds me up, my lungs full with Your breath.

Inhale. Exhale.

When pieces of my heart break off and my soul cracks open, You are there to fill the void and lovingly soothe the deep ache.

You don’t need me to be a 10 to use me.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made; You sculpted me into being.

You know every hair on my head, every thought before it escapes my tongue.

You knew today I would be a 5.

And that’s okay.

You can work wonders with 5.

And I know you won’t leave me here.