Another night
trying to crumple my
And shove them as
far down into the 
Abyss - the deep, dark
recesses of my heart
that is so beautifully
It gets cold at night.
The Darkness outside 
creeps in under the doors
through the cracked blinds and
Listening for the Grief to
catch in my throat, 
for the hushed sob.
That no one else detects.
But Darkness seizes its
Patiently waiting for the 
Hour of Exhaustion.
Of Defeat.

Then silently and skillfully 
slides up next to me.
Envelopes me.
Holding me close.
An unwanted yet constant
Darkness invites Loneliness.
It appears as a vapor.
Inhaling deep into my lungs,
it becomes me.
Infiltrates my bloodstream
taking over my body.
My heart aches, my bones cry out.
Tears come, but for just a moment.
They are running out and 
Sinking into the arms of the 
Unwanted Nightly Guest,
drawing in the heaviness of
Sheer Solitude.
Perhaps Rest will arrive


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