64th St Exit

A decade and thousands of miles away.

I remember falling head first into the deep pool of your soul and

My breath caught in my throat when our eyes first locked.

Where did you come from? I was too far away to see the fire ahead.

Knowing our paths were destined to diverge, even now a dull ache breaks through.

The evisceration of watching you walk away for the last time haunts me.

I carefully constructed an icy wall, surrounding my urge to cry out after you.

A wall built with every misstep and mistake, blocking out shared warmth and laughter ~

An impenetrable defense.

Laying my head down becomes useless;

The shadow of your memory ducks away when I glance.

I know it’s still there. Waiting. Around every corner.

Woven together with threads of my life.

Emotion wells up from the depths of my being

And I turn up the volume to drown the heartache.

Lifetimes have passed since we’ve spoken.

Hours of conversation obliterated by landmines of mortality.

Carnage of past decisions fill my rearview mirror

And I know better than to look too closely.

But your glimmer in the darkness draws me in every time.

The exit fast approaches. Unknown to me.

Do I swerve, risking it all, knowing I can’t turn back?

The road looks dark, yet radiates familiarity.

The surrounding barrenness is kindling;

A tiny spark becomes a raging inferno.

I hesitate, vacillating between the two paths.

Time slows down. My lungs scream for air.

Rolling past the exit, forcing my eyes to focus

On what lies ahead, I hear my pulse.

That’s where you live.

In the space between my heartbeats.

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